#1 Rated MagicCurls

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Get The Perfect?áBeautiful Bouncy Curls In 3 Simple Steps

Split ends and frizzy hair from heat damage never looks good and might even have to be cut.?áWhether for work, party, a date or anything in between?áour MagicCurls gives beautiful natural-looking curls without any heat or damage.

There?ÇÖs a reason why hairdressers everywhere recommend our?á#1 Rated MagicCurlsfor making wonderful curls, not only do they curl hair without heat but they are alsoeasy to?áuse and comfy to sleep in.

Our?á#1 Rated MagicCurls?ágives naturally well-styled curls and confidence your hair will always look smooth, shiny, and well-defined.?áOur customers love our?áMagicCurls so much,?áthat they even use it to?ácurls their kids?ÇÖ hair as well.


  • Save extra timeas the?áMagicCurls are easy to use and so comfortable you can sleep with them and wake up refreshed with?ábeautiful curls
  • Turn heads everywhere,?áand be the talk of the party, with hair that looks like it?ÇÖs been styled by the hairdresser?ádaily
  • Stop wasting moneyon other overpriced & dangerous hair-curling methods and products that does more harm than good


  • Apply MagicCurls close to the scalpright after washing and drying hair, wind hair onto the MagicCurl and flip the cup to close, for?átype 3 and 4 hair use your favorite curl product to get fantastic curls
  • To create tighter curls:Leave?áMagicCurls?áin the hair for 3 to 4 hours or overnight. (You can slightly moisten ends, or use your favorite product.)
  • Removing the curlers:Unwind the opposite way the hair was wound and use your fingers to separate the curls.
  • All sets have 2 sizes for different curls: Thin, short hair may need?áaround 20pcs, for?álonger and thicker the hair, use 30pcs or more.?á
  • Enjoy the compliments you'll receive for your beautiful bouncy curls?áwith these 3 simple steps?á


  • Material: Resin
  • Color: pink,blue
  • Large size: 5.0cm outside diameter, 2.0cm inside diameter
  • Small size: outside diameter 3.9cm, inside diameter 1.5cm


  • 5 x Large Hair Curler
  • 5 x Small curler

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