29 Shapes Chocolate baking Non-stick mold

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  • 1 PCS Silicone chocolate cake mold, More and more Cavity Silicone Chocolate Mold Can make more delicious chocolate cake shapes.
  • Each Pcs Silicone cake mold different design Up to four combinations of sales, Each combination brings a different kind of fun.
  • Flexible and Non-Stick. Chocolates, Candies, and Gummies Pop Out Easily. Reusable For Up to 3,000 Uses.
  • This chocolate mold is firmer Compared to ordinary chocolate molds and more to normal ones, and it can also be applied to other desserts.


Safety :

  • Heat resistant temperature: -40 to +230 Centigrade (-40 to 446 F), safe use in dishwashers, freezers, fridges, and microwave ovens, Meets US FDA and EU LFGB safety standards. BPA, PVC, and phthalate free.
  • Because of its food-grade use, silica gel can be used as a product for direct contact with the human body such as baby pacifiers.

Easy to clean:

Our stain-resistant, FDA Food Grade Silicone Muffin Pan are completely dishwasher safe so cleaning is always quick, simple, and worry-free!

Package include

1x silicone chocolate molds, Chocolate color?á?á


  1. After use, please clean it using hot water with a dilute edible cleaning agent or put in a dishwasher. DO NOT use aggressive cleaning agents or foam cleaning force. Ensure that the silicone molds are dry before storage.
  2. When baking, the silicone molds should be separated from the flat on the baking tray.
  3. After baking, please remove the molds out of the oven, and place in the baking rack until the molds completely cooled!.?á
  4. Silicone molds can only be used for oven, microwave ovens, and DO not use in gas and fire!!
  5. Do not use knives or other sharp tolls on silicone molds and avoid stress, pull!!
  6. Please do not use cool water to clean immediately when it's just taken out of the oven. Just to extend the service life!

About Smell:

  • Silicone molds may have a little silicone smell, this is normal. Please clean it with hot water and soak the mold in the hot water for several minutes.
  • The smell will go away. Please don't worry that the smell will go into the food.

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