Outdoor portable fire rack

$55.95 $99.95

Are you a camping lover? Bring warmth and comfort anywhere with this Outdoor portable fire rack. This unique and innovative fire pit provides a complete fireplace experience while providing unparalleled portability and quality. It is made from strong, durable steel wire, this firepit can withstand up to 11lbs of burning wood easily. Extra-thick fire-proof meshing keeps your campfire off the ground to prevent leaving burn marks behind even on the most sensitive surfaces. Intricately woven steel limits ash and debris from slipping through, making backyard campfires more enjoyable and less of a chore. The Outdoor portable fire rack sets up in seconds and slips neatly into a storage bag so you can take the aroma of burning wood with you wherever you want to. Perfect for the patio, camping, and building campfires on a beach. Don’t skip it! Buy now!

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