100 Languages "I LOVE YOU" Ring, Necklace

$19.97 $119.97

Keep Your Relationships Forever And Make Eternal Memories!

Wanna give your partner the sweetest smile?

The?á100 Languages "I LOVE YOU" Ring & Necklace gives you the energy to become a deeper loving person.?áOvercome any obstacle?áand?ágive your life more passion.?áForge more intimate relationships with your loved ones.?á100 Languages "I LOVE YOU" Ring??åNecklace?áwearers have reported a happier family life and?áa more confident outlook on the future.?áThis darling piece will steal the show at every event you go to.?áMake a full impression?áfor?áonly a fraction of the price.


  • ADJUSTABLE:?áThe ring is adjustable, don't worry about size issues.?á(Opening adjustable)The ring and necklace are available in two colors, rose gold and silver, and there are?áthree ways?áto wear it.?á
  • HANDCRAFTED BY SUBLOOM JEWELRY: This is not mass-produced cheap jewelry. Each ring and necklace takes over 5 hours to get crafted and has its own silversmith.
  • DURABLE:No tarnishing over time. You can be sure to wear this ring and necklace every day if you want to.
  • ANTI-ALLERGY AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Nothing can be worse than an allergy preventing you from wearing your favorite ring and necklace. Wear this ring and necklace as often as you like with no swelling up!
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Cheap jewelry often scratches in between your fingers and neck. Our silversmiths make sure that you won't even notice that the ring is on your finger and neck!! Except for the people who won't be able to look away from your sparkly new friend.
  • PERFECT GIFT: The perfect anniversary gift, treat your wife for your wedding anniversary. Delight your mom on Mother's Day, your girlfriend for Valentines Day, your daughter for Christmas or best friend on her birthday!


  • Material:Metal
  • Rings:Bridal Sets
  • Surface width:4mm
  • Metal Type:Stainless Steel
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 X?á100 Languages "I LOVE YOU" Ring, Necklace

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