12 Nutritious Nursery Soil Blocks Seed Starter Plant Tray Transparent Lid Convenience Grower Tool

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Plant Tray with 12 Nutritious Nursery Soil Blocks

Seedling Tray

Transparent Lid Seed Starter Convenience Grower Tool

The 12-grid nursery tray is convenient for daily use, and the nursery box is convenient for centralized management during sowing, and is easy to operate.

Steps for usage:
1. Open the package and soak the nursery block with water.
2. The seedling block is stretched after a few minutes, and the seeds are clicked.
3. Cover the lid, keep it moist, and wait a few days for the seeds to germinate. 4 When the roots of the seedlings are intact, transplant it.

When the seeds germinate, open the cover of the seedling box a little bit to allow air to circulate;
When the seeds have completely germinated, remove the lid of the box and gradually see the sun;
When transplanting to a garden or flower pot, it is necessary to cover the entire nursery block with soil, while controlling the moisture, and not too dry or too wet.

Product attribute
Type: plug tray / seedling tray
Material: plastic
Substrate: Nordic peat substrate block
Application scenario: home gardening

Package:3* Plant Tool Set?á
(One Set =12* Nurturing Block+1* Box)

Origin: CN(Origin)
Usage Condition: Floor
Finishing: Not Coated
Style: Modern
Model Number: Ceramic Flower Pots
Used With: Artificial Flower
Set Type: No
Type: Planter
Is Smart Device: No
Material: Plastic

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