2 in 1 Professional Ceramic Steam Hair Straightener & Hair Curler

$69.95 $149.99


This Ceramic Steam Hair Straightener and Hair Curler is a professional hair steam iron that can effectively straighten or curl your hair with its uniform heating technology. It has a conditioning steam function that infuses moisture back into your hair. Adding argan oil to the water you use for the steam will leave an even more silky and shiny finish. Because of the uniform heating technology that this hair iron uses, it will not leave your hair damaged after treatment but instead will lend it an extra sheen that will leave your hair looking more gorgeous and smoother than before.


  • Steam settings vapor-blast hair with unbelievable shine and smoothness
  • 6 temperature-lock settings provide the perfect finish for your hair type
  • Heats to Keratin-ideal 450?? max temperature swift
  • Automatic temperature lock for consistent heat throughout use
  • Vented Tourmaline-Ceramic plates infuse hair with therapeutic argan Oil
  • Stylish and functional 9' burn-resistant textile cord
  • 360?? swivel cord prevents tangling and keeps you on the move


  • 1??íX??í2 in 1 Ceramic Steam Hair Straightener, Hair Curler
  • 1 X Bottle
  • 1 X Gloves
  • 1 X Salon Comb

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