2-in-1 Hair Trim & Iron Pro

$53.97 $167.99

Trimming & Straightening at the same time!

Get rid of your unhealthy hair with this ?äó 2-in-1 Hair Trim & Iron Pro. Safely eliminate split ends and damaged hair quicker than ever without sacrificing hair length. The inserted heating plate is specially designed to give smooth and silky hair look after the trim.


  • TRIMS SPLIT ENDS - The plate uniformly rolls up split ends, while the rotating blades cut away damaged hair tips, at the same time, preserves hair length, and the heating plate leaves a healthy, silky look hair.
  • STRAIGHTENING IRON - 5 levels heating mode to fit different types of hair from 150C?? to 230C??, even weak or damaged hair is able to be trim and iron. Fast heating plate heats up to the temperature you choose in 20 seconds.
  • PRESERVES HAIR LENGTH - The Trim and Iron Pro strategically cuts the split ends without shortening the hair length.


  • Power supply: 100 - 240V
  • Package Includes: 1 x?á 2-in-1 Hair Trim & Iron Pro

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