6-LED Car Strobe Flash Lights

$8.97 $44.00

Be seen even in the dark with these ultra bright strobe car lights!

This Car Strobe Flash Light can be mounted on your car to enhance driving safety and avoid traffic accident. From dark roads to heavy rains, this strobe light is eye-catching to let other drivers know where you are and what direction you're heading.

  • Compact and Lightweight - It's easy to install and doesn't affect the car's aerodynamics.
  • Super bright with Surface Mount - Even when you're driving in a dark road or through heavy rain, thesestrobe lights are bright and can easily be seen.
  • Weatherproof - These lights are waterproof so it's safe and can be?áused through rain or snow.
  • Powered by 6 high-intensity LEDs - With high-intensity LEDs, these lights are bright.
  • Anti-collision, Anti-dust, and Splash-proof - These lights are durable and long-lasting.
  • Low Power Consumption - With a low-power consumption, it doesn't consume too much power when in use. It also has a quick start-up.

  • Voltage: 12V-24V
  • Current: 1 A
  • Wattage: 18W (3W/LED )
  • Material: Aluminum Allow
  • Size:
    • Length: 3 25/64" (8.6cm)
    • Width: 1 7/64" (2.8cm)
    • Height: 25/64" (1cm)
    • Lens Length: 2 43/64" (6.8cm)
  • 3 wires connection: Black for Negative, Red for Positive and Yellow for Brake Light Negative
  • Package includes:?á1 x Ultra Slim 6-LED Car Strobe Flash Lights

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