Amazingly Simple Wine Opener

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Innovative & Practical?áKitchen Tool
Super?áFast & Easy Wine Opener!

Are you looking for the fastest way to open a bottle of wine?

The?áAmazingly Simple Wine Opener is the fastest bottle opener on the market. No more struggling and broken corks,?ájust pure amazing wine, every single time. Made from premium materials this Wine Opener is eco-friendly and food-safe. Just pump air in the wine bottle until the cork comes out. No pulling or twisting means this wine opener will last you a long time. Once you are done just slide the cork of the needle.?á

It?ÇÖs so easy to use! Just 3 simple steps:

1. Pierce the cork with the needle

2. Pump air quickly into the bottle until the cork literally pops out

3. Slide the cork off the needle by pushing on the plastic round guides


?£à Durable ABS Material - The High-Quality ABS guarantees that you will be using your Wine Opener for a long time

?£à Teflon needle - the Food-Grade needle coated with Teflon?áhas a very low coefficient of friction, this means that it?áwill not stick to the cork thus making it easy to pull the cork off once you have opened your wine

?£à Easy & Simple to Use - it requires no strength or applying of force to the wine bottle. An especially important feature for the elderly

?£à No batteries needed - means that your Wine Opener is ready every time, it will never fail you


  • Size: 7.6" x 2"
  • Materials: ABS Plastic + Stainless Steel?á


1 x Wine Opener

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