Anti-Gravity Rocket Car

$39.97 $79.94

Car racing on a traditional race track can become boring for your kids in the long run. Getting them something new, something out of the ordinary will change the scene altogether for them. The Anti-Gravity Rocket Car uses pipelines as its race track. It is the first ever toy car that amazingly speed inside pipes instead of on tracks. The pipes can be built in different ways, they can even be built to defy gravity, going up the wall. This awesome Anti-Gravity Rocket Car will add a fun and exciting light racing show to your Kid's playtime adventures.


  • Build a gravity defying race course
  • Use the controllers to send the cars whizzing through the tubes
  • Cars feature bright LED lights
  • Helps develop Kids personality and creativity. This is a new type of creative toy. With high-speed remote control cars with bright lights and high-quality plastic pipes, allowing the toy cars to walk in the pipeline and do two-person races.
  • It is an exciting toy that can fuel your kids imagination. These pipes can be fixed on the wall, so that the car can Walk on the wall or in the air, playing with infinite imagination, more sets bring unlimited possibilities of how your kids lay the tracks.
  • Safe to use, the pipelines are made of environmentally friendly PC + ABS round transparent plastic materials. Durable and safe for the kids.


  • Weight:??í700g
  • Size:??í330*240*80mm/12.99*9.45*3.15"
  • Material:??íPlastic

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