Arms-Up Zip-Up Swaddle

$27.97 $41.95

The zip-up swaddle that takes swaddling to a whole new level!

Not only does it create the ideal, most natural, and most comfortable position for your baby, but it also allows you to swaddle up your baby in seconds! Happy baby + happy parents = YAY! (oh yeah, and more sleep for everyone, too)

THE NATURAL POSITION -?áThe Arms-Up zip-up swaddle swaddles your baby with the arms up, while still allowing the baby for sufficient movement and control over the arms for self-soothing. This is the natural and most comfortable position for the baby. In addition, the swaddle's unique design is snug at the top, while leaving room for hip and leg movement at the bottom, ensuring the healthy development of the hips and legs along with maximum comfort.
EASY PEASY SWADDLING! -?áThe swaddle's unique shape and zip-up design let you swaddle your baby in seconds (day or night), in 3 easy steps: just place the baby on the swaddle, tuck in the arms, then tuck in the legs, and zip up. It's THAT quick and easy! And you don't even need to wrestle with your baby or hold down his or her little arms as you wrap them up. And the best part is what happens next - nothing! No crying, no loose ends, and no arms coming free!
COMFORTABLE AND PLEASANT ON THE BODY -?áThe swaddle is made of top grade flexible fabric to create elasticity along with a snug fit. Made of 93% Cotton and 7% Elastane.
BEST OF ALL WORLDS -?áThe Arms-Up zip-up swaddle's design and composition let your baby get the best of all worlds. All the benefits of swaddling - snug fit that makes the baby feel secure, and calming the startle reflexes - while still allowing for movement, especially the ability for to reach the mouth to self-soothe and sleep better (meaning, of course, that YOU sleep better also!).
EASY DIAPER CHANGING -?áThis swaddle has two-way zippers, allowing you to open the swaddle from the bottom up, making diaper changing easy and quick, without the need to take off the swaddle. Putting the baby back to sleep after changing the diaper is easier and quicker than before!


  • Prevents face scratches
  • The wide bottom part is hip healthy because it allows the baby's hips to move naturally
  • Makes swaddling a breeze for the entire family (and the babysitter)
  • Machine washable
  • Weight: 100 g/4.94 oz

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