Automatic Water Pump

$18.97 $47.99

No Need to Buy Expensive Water Dispensers
Take This Automatic Water Pump Anywhere!

The new Automatic Water Pump?äó turns almost any large water bottle into a freshwater faucet! Along with it's revolutionary "One-Touch" operation and USB recharging capability, take it with you anywhere: Home, Office, Camping, Sporting Events, Beach, and more!


  • UNIVERSAL FIT - Our upgraded electric water pump is designed for dispensing water easily and efficiently and fits 2, 3, 4, 5-gallon water jug. You don't have to left the barrels any more and flip it upside down.
  • TOUCH SWITCH - Just touch the button and you can get the water quickly. Touch the button again for turning off the water flow. Easy to use, even for a child.
  • WATER SAVING SYSTEM - Touch once and the pumping time is 60 seconds, it will stop automatically. Don't need to worry about forgetting to turn off the water pump.
  • LOW NOISE - The mechanism is only at 20-40 DB Volume, perfect for homes and offices.
  • SAFE - The BPA free drinking water dispenser uses food-grade silicone hose with high-density ABS plastic.
  • RECHARGEABLE - Comes with a USB cable for easy charging. 1200mA large capacity battery when fully charged by 2 hours will pump 6 barrels of 5 gal water. The blue indicator light will flash while it is charging, and it will normally off when fully charged. Supply you an easy way to drink water at home, office, school or during traveling and camping.


  • Size: 64 * 156 * 146 mm
  • Rated frequency:?á5W
  • Rated voltage:?á5V


  • 1 x?áAutomatic Water Pump set

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