Baby Fresh Fruit Pacifier

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Introduce your baby to the healthiest fresh fruits??í??Æ?¼?«??Æ?¼????Æ?¼?ª ??Æ?¼?¼ ??Æ?Ñ

Fruits are one of the most nutritious foods, as it adds essential vitamins and minerals to your baby??ç?ûs diet. Introduce them??íto a variety??íof??íhealthy fresh fruits that this world has to offer with the Baby Fresh Fruit Pacifier.

It can be a huge hassle chopping up fruits to smaller pieces, even more so juicing them. The Baby Fresh Fruit Pacifier is a safe and unique way to slowly introduce your baby to solids with ease,??ífeed your baby a variety of healthy foods and to help you wean your baby??ías he grows older.
It is reusable and??ícleaning it is as easy as one-two-three!??íWith this cute nibbler, you can now be in control of what your baby is eating and increase your little ones' vitamin intake.

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  • Absolutely safe for your baby - Made with??í100% Safe Food-Grade Silicone, BPA-free and FDA tested
  • ??íEasy to clean -??íSimply wash it in warm soapy water or boil the feeder nipple for sterilization.??í
  • Textured Teether - Specially designed with??íTextured Silicone Surface,??íand it works best with frozen fruit or ice cube to soothe teething pain and massage your baby's gums.

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  • Material: food grade silicone??í
  • Sizes: S (3 months or more applicable),??íM (5 months or more applicable),??í??íL (more than 6 months applicable)??í



???1 x??íBaby Fresh Fruit Pacifier

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