Back Hair Shaver

$23.97 $49.99

Shave Your Back Hair On Your Own with Ease!

Our Back Hair Shaver is something that you definitely?áneed in a fight with annoying back hair. Thanks to itsfoldable handle, it is quite?ácomfortable?áand?áeasy to reach your backwith it.

It has2 stainless steel bladeswhich will?ádeal with the hair easily and without you even feeling a thing. They arereplaceable, but since they arerust-resistant and durable, you probably won't need replacing them.


  • Quick, Easy & Smooth:shave in just minutes
  • Curved For Your Reach:The S-shaped curve allows you to reach all the areas you need to on your back and whole body without help.
  • Smooth, Painless Shave:?áThe special blade design won?ÇÖt hurt your skin, but it will reach every area and eliminate the hair with its wide blade.
  • Suitable For Wet And Dry Use:This rust-less blade can be used with and without water.
  • Replace The Blade When You Want:?áIt?ÇÖs easy to remove and change out the blade!
  • No power required


  • Material:?áHigh-grade plastic
  • Length: 39 cm (15.53")
  • 2 Replaceable blades
  • Package Includes: 1 x?áBack Hair Shaver

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