Beauty Nail Extension Silk Fiberglass (10PCS)

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Non-acrylic Natural Way To Extend Nails

Flexible & Won't Break Easily!

Still wasting your money and time on easy-to-break & expensive acrylic nail extension?

Fiberglass is yet the hottest item giving you the MOST NATURAL, LONG-LASTING NAIL EXTENSION!Nail Extension Silk Fiberglass easily extends your nails by transforming ultra-light silk fiberglass to durable but flexible fiber nails. Each piece of fiberglass is enough for 5 nails. So this set (10PCS) offers you a nail extension 5 times! Super cost-effective!?áFree to trim to customize nail extension length from 0.5cm - 8cm! Also able to DIY any shapes - Round, almond, oval, square etc!?á?á

Traditional acrylic nail extension causes various problems - Easy to break because of low flexibility, damage nail bed, stop the growth of nails......But fiberglass is of high flexibility, and it is scratch-free, odorless and light enough to stick close to prevent lifting, popping off and catching at the nail edge.?áGenerally, the nail extension lasts ~30 days with proper nail care.


  • Ultra-Light & Natural: Unlike acrylic nail tips, it is more flexible and lighter than acrylic. It will not affect you to do housework and you even do not feel it exists.
  • Customized Nail Shapes: Free to trim for any nail extension length & shape like round, almond, square and more. Extend up to 8cm!
  • Easy to Apply: No nail form or acrylic nail tip is required. Just trim, apply and cure to have perfect nail extension without going to the expensive nail salon!
  • Durable and Scratch-free: Not easy to break or scratch.
  • Crystal Clear Style: Clear color with full coverage is easy to further apply your favorite nail polish.
  • Long-Lasting: Up to 30 days with proper nail care.
  • Professional Nail Repair: Strengthens weak, thin nails and repairs broken nails.
  • Safe to Use: 100% Non-toxic, odorless and harmless to the nail bed and skin.
  • Recommend to use with Fiber Builder Gel for the best result.


  1. Trim the fiberglass to your desired length/ size.
  2. Apply base coat. Before the base coat dries, put the fiberglass on the nail surface and cure.
  3. Apply fiber builder gel and cure for 1-2 mins to strengthen the extension.
  4. (Optional) Cut the extended nails if necessary.
  5. (Optional) Technical sanding to make it more natural and smooth.
  6. (Optional) Apply a top coat that leaves the nail always shiny and more durable.


  • Size: 8cm/pcs
  • Material: Fibers


  • 10 pcs x?áNail Extension Silk Fiberglass

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