Blackhead Remover & Pore Suction Machine


A vacuum that sucks out all of that gunk in your pores? Yes, there is such a thing! And it does the job too! Introducing the ??ñ????íBlackhead Remover & Pore Suction Machine

Our Blackhead Remover & Pore Suction Machine removes blackheads, oily skin and gives your pores a Deep Cleanse. It is also suitable for treating dry skin, sagging skin, dull skin, and wrinkles. It de-clogs clogged pores through powerful suction and increases blood circulation to your skin. It comes with 5 Changeable Heads, which can offer different functions and offer a deeper clean for your facial skin.


  • Effective Deep Clean - The blackhead remover suction machine gives your skin an effective deep clean by using the power of suction to eliminate dirt and trapped oils. The blackhead remover comes with five different replaceable beauty heads that allow you to exfoliate dead skin, remove blackheads, reduce wrinkles, and remove cosmetic residue.
  • Prevent Future Blemishes - With regular use, the section cleansing machine will help you keep your pores from becoming blocked and prevent future blemishes.
  • Works On All Skin Types - With five different levels of adjustable suction, you can set the machine to the right setting for your skin type.
  • Easy to Use - The beauty device is so easy to use. Washing your skin before using improves the effectiveness of the machine. To use simply attach the beauty head such as a small hole head for blackheads, turn on the machine, and move ahead across your skin using deliberate strokes making sure never to leave the head on any one part of your skin for three seconds. Note: Always start with the lowest level first and progress to a deeper clean. You'll be able to see the difference in seconds.


  • Suction is bigger than the traditional comedo suction probe??í
  • Five levels, suitable for different skin type
  • Different suction head for a different function
  • Rechargeable, easy and convenient


  • Voltage: 5V
  • Power: USB charger
  • Certification: CE
  • Package Includes: 1 x Blackhead Remover & Pore Suction Machine, 5x Suction Head, 1 x USB Charger, 1 x User Manual

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