Blemish-Free Beauty Patch

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Blemishes can sometimes be frustrating and annoying. Especially for those who seem to have tried everything to have that clear, spotless skin.

The Blemish-Free Beauty Patch is able to address targeted areas effectively by using salicylic formulation to remove those unwanted blemishes like skin tags, warts and moles permanently. It removes the blemished layers to reveal new and smooth skin.


  • Effectively and quickly removes blemishes like warts, skin tags, acne, and even unwanted moles
  • It provides visible results fast!
  • Reveals a smoother, blemish-free skin in just a few hours
  • Pain-free removal of unwanted blemishes
  • Great absorption to skin layers
  • Allows fast healing of wounds
  • Significantly reduces scar formation
  • Easy to use, absolutely no hassle
  • It can also be used as a mini-band aid
  • The high permeability polyurethane film ensures better absorption and breathability at the same time
  • It also helps in preventing bacteria
  • Use different-sized patches according to the size of the blemish you want to remove
  • Allow yourself to be more confident than ever with your clear, smooth-looking skin! Take no second thoughts about getting the blemish-free skin you aspire for.


  • Slowly peel off the patch from one side
  • Carefully lift by following the patch area until you reach the other end of the patch
  • Do not remove the whole patch in one pulling
  • If it doesn?ÇÖt come off easily, you may dab


  • 1 Pack Blemish-Free Beauty Patch

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