Boyfriend Hugging Pillow

$39.95 $59.95

Cute Boyfriend Arm Body Pillow
Bed Cushion Arm
Soft Throw Pillows
Body Hug Blue Cushion
Creative Birthday Gift

  • A FRIENDLY GIFT that won't hurt anyone's feelings due to the harmless and non-offensive nature of the pillow.
  • A HILARIOUS GAG GIFT for crazy cat ladies, single women and men, which will have everyone in the room chuckling.
  • A REAL-LOOKING ARM doesn't just hint at the idea of a boyfriend pillow, but makes it so no one could easily miss the joke.
  • YOU CAN ACTUALLY use the pillow once the laughs are over. In some ways, the cozy nature of the pillow that you can adjust however you want actually is better than a boyfriend, so you may want one for yourself!

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