Car Ambient Star Light

$19.97 $59.99

Get a fun and romantic ambient lighting in your car!

This starlight projector makes car rides more interesting for everyone. With this light, children will be bored while on the road. It also pumps up the crowd while driving to a party. Or set up the mood for a romantic drive.
  • Adjustable Bracket, Multi-direction Coverage - Starlight light host free adjustable bracket with a 90-degree adjustment, suitable for different directions of illumination.
  • Long Safety Life - Lifetime of 10000 hours with 650nm wavelength and low power 100mw power, with Class IIB laser safety class, working temperature -20 degree.
  • Easy To Install - With USB socket with 8V-36V voltage, plug the USB socket to your car USB connector and play. It can be installed anywhere you want.
  • Main Advantages - Small size, easy for usage Universal for cars/automobiles, it can be used many scenes.
Multi-Mode with Remote Controller Includes:
  • Breath Mode:?áSimilar to the rhythm of breathing and heartbeat, it gives a calming?áambiance.
  • Flicker Mode:?áLike the drums of rock music, the very strong light rhythm makes people rock to the beat.
  • Sound Control Mode: The Coolest Sound Control Mode, the lighting changes with the intensity of sound. When you listen to a song, the light changes with sound.

  • Watt: 5W
  • Package Includes:
    • Constant Mode
      • 1 set of Car USB LED Ambient Starlight.
    • Multi-Mode
      • 1 set of Car USB LED Ambient Starlight.
      • Remote Controller

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