Car Dent Remover Tool

$19.97 $39.99

Repair car dents at your own garage at a fraction of the cost!

This car dent repair tool makes it easy to repair dents in as quick as 5 minutes. The complete set is enough to repair many dents of different shapes and sizes.


  • Saves you a Fortune - No need to spend hundreds at the body-shop anymore, thanks to our patented technology you can now fix any dent at home without even having to repaint your car!
  • Easy to Use - Apply the car glue on the dented part of your vehicle, place the suction cup against it, screw it, clean the glue with the special rubber-foam at the end of the tool and it's done!
  • Time Saver - 5 minutes is enough time to pull any dent in your vehicle, why should you let your beloved car at the body-shop for days when you can safely fix it at home for a fraction of the price?


  • Package Weight: 134g
  • Package Included:
    • 1 x Bridge Puller
    • 1 x Tap Down Pen
    • 5 x Glue Tabs

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