Car Plastic Plating Refurbishing Agent

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When the plastic parts of a car such as the???dashboard, steering wheel &???door panels???are exposed to sunlight and dirt for a period of time, they oxidize and fade and will lose their original glossy look. When left untreated early on, it could cost you a lot of money to get a professional to fix them for you. And in the long run, you might even need to replace them, an even???costlier resolution.

The Car Plastic Plating Refurbishing Agent will bring back the sleek appearance of your car interior. When used regularly, it can conserve the original state of your car's plastic and leather upholstery. It can effectively remove stains and deeply seated dirt and bring back the original state of your car's interior.

  • Effectively remove stains from the surface of plastic parts.
  • Prevent plastics from oxidizing and fading under sun exposure.
  • Barrier-like effect on???various surfaces; leather, plastic, carbon fiber, etc.
  • Effectively prevents rubber strips from aging and prolongs service life.
  • Super high quality finish with protective nano-coating to prevent oxidation and rusting.
  • No harmful substances, such as phosphorus and chromium, on the body plastic parts and colloid, which will not cause damage.


  • Capacity:???120ml??????
  • Package Includes: 1X Car Plastic Plating Refurbishing Agent

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