Car Rotating Brush

$45.97 $91.99

Clean Your Car And Give A Professional Polishing Look With Spinning Car Wash Brush!

Seeking the ultimate car wash brush that can clean both your vehicle exterior and interior with ease? This Spinning Car Wash Brush is a practical solution for your car cleaning hassle.

The car wash brush has automatic rotation; doesn?ÇÖt require electricity. Brush spins automatically with water pressure from your own garden hose. The soft brush is easy and safe to clean your car or other smooth places. The brush can be used for car washing, watering, washing windows, etc. It?ÇÖs a must-have for every car owner.


  • No Damage to Your Car - Soft and strong brush head can clean thoroughly while protecting your car's paint and other delicate materials. Remove the brush head and this rotating car wash brush will increase hydraulic pressure for high-pressure washing.
  • Customized Cleaning - You can adjust the hydraulic level on your brush for each task for the appropriate cleaning ability. The car wash brush can create spray foam. Put the detergent into the box and foam will come out automatically.
  • Efficient Cleaning Ability - This car wash brush can be lengthened with its long handle so it doesn?ÇÖt require water pipes. You can reach into the hard-to-reach areas easily with this rotating car wash brush.
  • Energy-Saving Tool - The car wash brush has an automatic rotation. It doesn?ÇÖt require electricity, instead, it rotates by water pressure.
  • Meet your Multiple Needs - This rotating car wash brush can be used for car washing, watering, washing windows, etc.


  • Rotary brush Material: Chenille
  • White Brush Material: PP brush
  • Water pipe material: PA66
  • Hydraulic levels:?á3 levels
  • Package Includes: 1 x Car Rotating Brush

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