Catnip Fish Toy

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Aperfect gift?áfor your beloved cats, have?áfun?áand make?áthem happy?áwith the?áCat Wagging Fish Realistic Plush

This simulation fish toylooks real?áandnatural,?áit comes withcatnip inside?áwhich caneasily catch?áyour cats?ÇÖ?áinterest!

It is a?ágood Away-toy?áwhich brings your cat apleasure?á&?áfeel less lonely?áwhen you arenot around.


  • Looks Natural & Real
  • Stuffed with Catnips
    It makes your cat excited and relieves their mood and stress.

  • Hidden?áCat Safe Zipper
    Pocket to refill catnip over again. (You can place them in the sunlight to increase the fragrance of catnip)

  • Soft, Safe & Durable
    Made of durable fabric & PP elastic cotton ensures the safety of?áyour cats, safe for them to chew & bite.


  • Material: Cotton + Plush + Catmint
  • Size: appr. 30cm
  • Electronic Battery-Operated (Wagging Fish) / Normal Plush Toy (Plush Fish)


  • 1 x Cat Wagging Fish Realistic Plush

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