Chain Screw Gun Drill Adapter

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Doing a DIY task that involves driving screws can be sometimes tiring especially when screws are dropping from the object you are working on. You need a tool that will help you drive screws accurately and continuously. And this is where the Chain Screw Gun??íDrill Adapter??ícomes in.

The??íChain Screw Gun Drill Adapter turns your electric drill into an automatic chain screw/ nail gun tool. Simply attach??íit to your electric drill and refill the chain with screws or nails. This innovative chain gun adapter is very convenient to use and saves your time by efficiently driving in screws. It eliminates the hassle of manual screwing.


  • Compatible with 99% of Drills: no need to purchase specialist equipment or a new drill
  • Easy to Attach: turn your drill into a chain screw gun in just a few simple steps
  • Manually Refillable: no need to buy another chain when you've used all 50 screws
  • Adjustable Screw Length and Depth: suitable for any scenario where screws are required
  • No Material is a Match for Drill Pro: screws into wood, iron sheet, walls, and more
  • Durable Materials and Construction: sturdy stainless steel to blitz through screwing tasks



  • Total length: app.235mm/9.25in
  • Bit length: app.145mm/5.71in
  • Color: As the picture shown


  • 1 x Chain Nail Gun Adapter
  • 1 x Screwdriver Bit
  • 1 x Chain
  • 50 x Screws


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