Chest Eazy Cough-Stop Chest Patch

$15.97 $35.97

Say Goodbye In Forcing Your Baby To Drink Medicine!

Is your child coughing and doesn't want to drink medicine?

No matter what type of cough you have,?áChest Eazy can help you?áfind your fighting spirit.?áChest Eazy is?á100% Natural and Side Effect Free?árelief - putting a?ástop to?ádrowsiness and long painful recoveries.?á

When you?ábegin to feel the symptoms of a cough, reach for your?áChest Eazy Patches?áand?ástick it to the middle of your chest. They?áwork FAST by skipping the queue?á- instead of?áwaiting hours?áto be?áabsorbed through?áthe stomach, Chest Eazy goes?ádirectly where it matters.?á


  • Suitable for?ádry throats, tickly coughs, phlegmy.?á
  • 100% Natural, Herbal,?áand?ácompletely free of side effects.?á
  • Convenient to carry all day relief?á- perfect for days you just can't get cover at work and need to power through!
  • Ideal for children?áwho don't like?áfoul-tasting cough syrups.?á
  • Prevents and cures?áall types of cough.?á

A specialized blend of?áMenthol, Ginger, Honey, and Rhododendron?áare?áreadily absorbed into the bodyand?áimmediately get to work?ábreaking down phlegm and?áreducing inflammation.?á


  • Suits for: Months for 14 6-year-old Children and above.

  • Made of pure natural plant extracts


  • 1 X?áChest Eazy Cough-Stop Chest Patch

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