Child Car Seat Head Support

$18.97 $49.99

Keeping your kids comfortable and well rested when undertaking a long journey be it by plane, car, train -anything that involves hours of sitting, is very important for everyone's peace of mind. One thing, and perhaps the most important thing that will ensure their comfort is???providing them with the right head support that can keep their head from bobbing while they are asleep???when traveling.???

Our???Child Car Seat Head Support is???designed to gently cradle???your???kids' forehead gently, effectively keeping their head from rolling while they sleep while traveling.???Crafted with your kids' comfort and wellbeing in mind, this head support has unparalleled design and standard. It is equipped with a head restraint that only makes gentle contact with the forehead if the head begins to lean forward so it does not unnecessarily restrain the head.???


  • Suitable for any baby seats, car seats, and strollers
  • Supplied with comfortable filling properties, adding lining sewn, make it softer and comfortable.
  • Adjustable plastic buckle, you can adjust it to any size you need.
  • Relieves neck strain for sleepy toddlers on a lengthy car rides and lengthy road trips.


  • Material: PP cotton
  • Color:???Pink/ Blue/ Grey
  • Back Belt Size: 55 x 44cm
  • Front Belt Size: 36.5 x 7cm

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