Creative Spider Nail Gel

$9.95 $28.99

Having art literally right on your fingertips is a big fashion statement. But getting your nail art done by a salon can take time and money. Grab this Spider Nail Art Gel to create fabulous art to flaunt everyday!

There's a lot of colors to choose from. With a gel consistency, the nail polish will stick to your nails as you want it. This makes it easy to create art from simple strips to calligraphy right on your fingertips.


  • UV and LED nail gel for colors that stand out
  • Gel consistency for precise application
  • With a variety of colors and effect to create your nail art


Net Weight: 14 grams
Volume: 5 ml
Size: 2.8 x 3.5 cm


1 x???Creative Spider Nail Gel


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