Dream Eyes - Instant Eye Lift (600 Pcs)

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Droopy and saggy eyelids are unfortunately common. But worry no more with these Instant Eye Lifts!

With Dream Eyes - Instant Eye Lift, take years off your age and avoid looking tired all the time, without having to undergo expensive and risky cosmetic surgery.

  • NATURAL LIFT - Gently supports and shapes eyelids to give them a beautiful natural light, making them look brighter and fuller. The instant eye lift opens up your eyes and makes them look bigger. They even out eyelids.
  • EASY APPLICATION - Simply place the matte strip on your eyelids and see the results. This can be added to your regular makeup routine.
  • COMFORTABLE & INVISIBLE - This instant lift tape is nearly invisible when placed on your eyelids. It does not interfere with your daily activities. You can even place your favorite eyeshadow over these eye lifts to complete your look.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC - The instant eye lift uses medical-grade material and does not contain latex or petroleum-based gel. Better than eye lift creams.
  • LONG-LASTING - One-time application can last for a whole day without adjustment. It won't be removed by sweat, water, or active movement.
  • WORKS FOR EVERYONE - Men, women, any skin type and color/shade, you can use this instant eye lift.


  1. Remove transparent strip, place on the finger.
  2. Apply the strip to the crease of the eye.


  • Can be used with or without makeup. Can wear eyeshadow or makeup over our product. Can also be used with fake eyelashes. Not recommended for use with moisturizer.
  • If any stickiness comes up throughout the day, apply eyeshadow.
  • Remove tape before sleeping.
  • You can use Vaseline, petroleum jelly, or coconut oil to remove tape more easily.

Color: Transparent
Package Includes:?á600 pieces of Instant Eye Lifts

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