Dried Flower Fairy Nail Gel

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Make every day a spring day! Coat your nails with our perennial Dried Flower Fairy Nail Gel and let gorgeous flowers bloom on them gracefully.

This Dried Flower Fairy Nail Gel is a nail gel mixed with 100% Natural 3D dried flowers. It allows you to utilize your imagination and artistic tendencies to create stunning nail art.??íYou can choose what flower and color suits you best and wear it with or without foundation. This product is suitable for all nail types, whether natural or artificial and is absolutely great for personal or professional use. Proven with high quality, this environment-friendly gel nail polish is long-lasting and doesn't fall off easily which makes it every woman??ç?ûs new best friend!


  • Super Easy to Apply -The dried flowers are mixed with nail gel
  • Fairy Floral Pattern - Dried flowers are applied on nails in a random pattern, so it looks more natural than sticking flowers manually
  • 100% Natural Dried Flower - Appears in 3D & realistic texture
  • Varying Color Effects - Create either clear or colored gel can get a different style!
  • Non-toxic & Harmless Resin - Gentle to your nails
  • Long Lasting gloss with durable coating
  • Suitable for natural nails, UV gel nails, false nails, acrylic nails, nail tips, etc.
  • Perfect for professional or nail beginners


  • Clean & trim nails as normal manicure process
  • Apply a thin layer of Base Coat and cure under nail lamp for 60 seconds
  • Apply a layer of the flower coat evenly and cure under nail lamp for 60 seconds
  • Apply Top Coat and cure under nail lamp for 30 seconds


  • Net Content: 8g
  • Size: 2.6cm x 3.4cm
  • Color: Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Rainbow

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