Electric Carving Chisel Tool

$23.97 $62.83

Make carving easy and make your work unique!

Whether your skill is in crafting bespoke furniture, creating and installing crown molding and baseboards, or whittling stunning sculptures, this Woodworking Carving Chisel set will provide you with indispensable tools for woodworking projects in which precision is vital!

  • Time and Effort Saving: Compare to traditional hand-carved, the new electric carving woodworking chisel engraving speed is increased by 2-3 times, save about two-thirds effort.
  • High Efficiency: Segment produces ultra high-speed micro vibration (25,000 times per minute) after touching the wood, its ultra-high-speed vibrations making sculptures easier.
  • Versatility:?áThe electric chisel needs to be supported by small hanging mill or drill with the removable flexible shaft to use. Meets most of the carving requirements.
  • Multifunctional: Each electric chisel comes with 5 knives and a small wrench. In addition to wood,?áit can also carve ebony and soft plastic.
  • Safety and Durability:?áThe outer shell is solid with excellent thermal efficiency, making it?ávery safe to users.


  • Material:?áPlastic
  • Handle length: 15cm
  • Carving Blades Size: 4.5 cm
  • Package Includes:
    • 1 x Woodworking Carving Chisel
    • 5 x Carving Blades
    • 1 x Wrench

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