Electric Heated Socks

$35.97 $79.00

Cold weather always bring with it ailments that affect everyone specially the elderlies. Protecting the feet with Electric Heated Socks is an effective way to ward off the cold. They are the perfect pair of protection you need during extreme cold weather conditions.

  • Long design is enough to cover your toes up to your knees and provides enough heat to keep you warm.
  • Made with high-quality cotton
  • Absorbent and quick-dry
  • Breathable, soft and stretchy
  • Heated part is in the front instep and toes
  • These socks will not get you electrocuted even when wet
  • Dual-layered cotton
  • Heated temperature for about 50⁰C (122⁰F)
  • Fits sizes 36-46 (these socks are elastic and stretchy
  • With 3V DC battery case power supply, can be powered by 2 AA Alkaline or 2 AA rechargeable batteries (Note: Batteries are not included)
  • Great for indoor and outdoor activities

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  • Color: Black
  • Size: 36-46 (Free Size)
  • Height: Knee-high
  • Material: Cotton
  • Power: 3V
  • Batteries: 2 AA Alkaline or rechargeable (Not Included)

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