Electrician Wire Cable Threading Device

$22.97 $46.00


The Electrician Wire Cable Threading Device eliminates the need to string wires and cables on the floor, which can be very unsafe especially when there are kids around. Snaking them inside walls or under the floor is the safest options. This Wire Cable Threading Device is the perfect tool for pulling cables and walls trough the walls, ceiling, floor, occupied duct and panel boxes. It comes with a small wheel attached to one end, making it easy to navigate those elbows and forks. It is crafted from a combination of 19 highly durable slick lines that are soft but durable and can last for a long time.


  • Best for telecom, electrical wire, wall, floor conduit and other wiring installation.
  • Strong traction, good flexibility, Anti-aging and high temperature resistant.
  • Equipped with a guiding wheel at one end that makes it easy to negotiate through bends.
  • Excellent Flexibility and Rigidity. Reusable, excellent elasticity.

  • 1 x Electrician Wire Cable Threading Device
  • 2 x Binders

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