Christmas Embossing Rolling Pin

$27.94 $39.99


Our Embossing Rolling Pin will add fun to your baked goodies. They help you create unique and touching gift to families and friends. Made with different cute designs that will add fun to any tea party and family occasions. This embossing rolling pin will also create a never ending fun bonding with your kids. Perfect for baking giveaway cookies for your kids' classmates and friends and personalized gift to birthdays, housewarming, weddings and other life events.


  • Made from high-quality solid hardwood!
  • Rolling pins are expertly engraved, sanded and finished to take on your next baking project and make you the star.
  • The rolling pins are traditional and optimum size with a big surface of engraving.


  • Material: Wood
  • Feature: Eco-friendly

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