Embroidery Set

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This Embroidery Set is all you need to create your masterpiece!

Embroidery is bigger than ever before and people all around the world aim to learn how to do it. With this set, everything you need is included, whether you are already a pro or just starting out with your art. Different needle sizes and 50 colored threads guide you perfectly on your way to your masterpiece. Works on all materials and textures, perfect for crafting and DIYers. Helping you get work done faster and also make the difficult tasks much easier such as backstitching, looping, or even Satin stitching, we cover it all.


  • Multiple Sizes & Colors - Equipped with different sizing options for better precision, all threads have different colors so you can create outstanding pieces
  • Easy Of Use - Our simple threader makes it so much easier and convenient for anyone at any level. From the beginners to the pros you will be making great pieces in no time
  • Multi-Functional - Can be used on clothing, curtains, pillowcases, insoles you name it. Customize your belongings in no time. Comes with two butterflies to decor your work!


  • Material: Plastic and Steel
  • Size:
  • Handle:12.9cm
  • Pen Needles:12cm
  • Scissors: 11.5cm
  • Embroidery Needle: 5.2/6/7cm
  • Package Includes:
    • 1 x Handle
    • 3 x Needles
    • 50 x Threads
    • 9 x Embroidery Needle(3 x 5.2 Cm, 3 x 6 Cm, 3 x 7 Cm)
    • 2 x Threaders
    • 2 x Butterfly Embroidered Patterns
    • 1 x Pen Needles
    • 1 x Scissors
    • 2 x Threading Apparatus

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