Enchanted LED Rose Light

$29.97 $80.00

Long a symbol of love and passion, roses are often used to convey messages without words. Every color signifies different meaning and representation but universally, they are used to express our feelings for whatever occasion we are using it for.

But however beautiful and meaningful roses are, we can only enjoy it for a limited time. Past its prime, it will just???be a lump of a wilted flower. Fortunately, roses can be immortalized by imitating their original form, and when it's done right, they'll be just as beautiful as the genuine ones. Just like our Enchanted LED Rose Light. This Enchanted LED Rose Light is a creative, and unique Rose in a glass dome with led bulbs in subtle warm white light designed as a decorative table lamp that will bring any room to life. With 2 lighting mode, it will make an excellent focal point in an office, bedroom or living area.


  • Made of high-quality silk, with warm lights that make it look real and natural.
  • With a glass dome that encased it, and protects it from dust, making it last a long time.
  • With 2 light modes to choose from to suit your mood.
  • With realistic looking leaves and petals and bendable stems.
  • The dome can be twisted open so you can arrange the light however you want.
  • Ideal as a gift for your sweetheart, mother, wife or anyone who is significant in your life.


  • Material: Silk
  • Base Material: ABS
  • Input Current: 3-5v
  • Weight: 0.5lb

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