Flea Doctor Electric Head Comb- Removes Flea Louse

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Clean up fleas quickly and thoroughly with the???Flea Doctor Electric Head Comb


Fleas like to hide in dark/moist places. They can jump very high and attach onto anything that walks. You may already have unknowingly brought fleas into your house. The fleas can spread fast, so it is important to kill them as quickly as you can.


Fleas can deplete your cat?????s blood supply and this can be especially dangerous in young kittens. As the flea feeds on the blood, the process creates a reaction that can cause itching. Fleas can also cause tapeworm.

Comfort Charge Systems

  • The Comfort Charge system is a brilliant innovation that instantly kills off the fleas as you use the product.
  • Not only does this ensure that you don?????t have to use harsh and dangerous chemicals to remove ticks or fleas, but it also gives you the assurance that the parasites have been destroyed.
  • The Comfort Charge Technology saves you from additional procedures that are usually necessary to kill off these pests when you use a regular flea comb. Making this device much easier and simpler to use than other products.

No Stress
  • Work for Pets of Every Age
  • This product is effective no matter the age of your pet. You can use it on your kitten or your puppy, and also on a mature canine or feline.
  • With this device, removing fleas is a flawlessly stress-free procedure, thus ensuring that your pet will cooperate with it completely.


  • Materials: Plastic and Metal
  • Powered By:???2 x "AA" batteries (Not Included)
  • Package Includes: 1 X???Flea Doctor Electric Head Comb- Removes Flea Louse

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