Flotaing Cloud Lamp

$169.97 $199.99

Bring the clouds into your room!

Do you want a unique lamp to inspire your child's mind? Or an Instagrammable lighting decor for your cafe? The Flotaing Cloud Lamp can be both! Designed like a realistic looking cloud with a lightning effect, it's a lamp that's sure to be remembered!


  • Realist Cloud Lamp - Fill your room with fluffy clouds using this Flotaing Cloud Lamp. Made with cotton and silk, it's designed to look like a real cloud for that whimsical effect.
  • Lightning Effect - Kids will not fear the lightning from this cloud! It has a specially built bulb that mimics the effect of lightning, making it cool and interesting light.
  • Remotely Controlled - Switch it on or off without getting up. This cloud comes with its own remote control.
  • Fun Decor - Even while it's switched off, this Flotaing Cloud Lamp is a great decor for homes, bars, cafes, restaurants and more!


  • Material: Cotton, Silk
  • Size: 30cm x 23cm
  • Package Includes: 1 x Flotaing Cloud Lamp

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