Pro Garden Expert Earth Auger Drill Bit

$28.97 $69.97

The Pro Garden Expert Earth Auger Drill Bit is ideal for digging holes in the ground to plant bulbs and tree saplings in your garden. It also simplifies drilling tasks such as planting umbrellas or posts, termite bait stations, taking soil samples, boring plant holes or erecting fences. It also works great for mixing tasks like tilling soil, mixing seeds with soil and fertilizer, and mixing batches of mortar mix or paint. It is designed to help you to easily dig to deeper depths, built to penetrate the ground quickly, well-suited for tough soils.??íIt makes digging an easy task.??í


  • Perfect bulb planting auger for tulips, iris, bulbs, bedding plants, and seedlings.
  • Exceptional quality and value. Durable and useful and can be used for a long time.
  • Save time and energy. Use in any electric or cordless drill that can accommodate a 3/8" bit. No better tool for digging holes in your yard.
  • Also great for digging weeds up by the roots. Quickly digs holes up to 7 inches deep and 1.75 inches wide using the power of your handheld drill.


  • Length: 370mm
  • Diameter: 43mm
  • Blade: Single blade
  • Package Includes: 1X Pro Garden Expert Earth Auger Drill Bit

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