Garden Kneeler Seat Tool Bag

$69.97 $139.94


Working in the garden is a whole lot easier with a Garden Kneeler Seat Tool Bag. You can use your arm strength to lower yourself for weeding or planting, and then push yourself up again without straining knees or back.

  • Purpose -?áProtect the knees and use the seat at the same time. Ideal for gardening, cleaning, and outdoor activities
  • Ideal for gardening -?áBy providing support for your arms, the side rails make it easy to move up and down. The soft cushion can reduce the pressure on the knees and lower back and reduce fatigue. Low floor design protects your clothes from dust and grass stains
  • Multifunctional design -?áYou can use this garden kneeling chair as a bench for housework, or you can turn it into a kneeling chair for gardening work. Please place it on a level and safe surface.
  • Easy to fold and carry -?áopening and closing this garden kneeling chair is very easy. It does not take up much space and can be easily carried around

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