Glass Marks Remover

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Does acid rain leave?áhardwatermarks on your windscreen?Remove thestainswith ourreliable and easy-to-useGlass Marks Removerr?áin just 20 seconds!?á

With this?áhigh-performance?áglass cleaner,all the stubborn hard water stains, sticker marks,?áand even?ástuck-on debris on glass can be removed effortlessly. This specially formulated?ácleaner is?ástreak-free and ammonia-free, which?ácontains?áno dyes, soaps, or scentsthat?álead to?ástreaks and smears.


  • Make?ádirty glass shines like a mirror:?áCleans to a streak-free shine with a dual action formula that removes all stubborn watermarks, fingerprints, and sticker-marks on glasses?á
  • Automotive Liquid Repellent Coating:?áUsing cutting edge liquid repelling technology, this coating will protect glass?ásurface from scratches, aging, weathering and erosion, sunlight, acid powder, etc.
  • Long Lasting:?áThe glass coating is applied to the glass surface as a mirror, with excellent high gloss. Just apply this protector every few months and water will bead off.?á
  • Multi-Purpose:Besides applying on car windshields, the liquid coating sacrificial?áis also perfect for windows, shower glass, mirrors, wall tiles, and another household usage.


  1. Clean the glass and dry it with a towel
  2. Spread the plating solution evenly on the glass
  3. Wipe the plating solution evenly with a towel
  4. Let it dry for a few minutes


  • Material:?áPolysiloxane
  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Package Includes:?á1 x Glass?áMarks Remover

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