Glow Sand Fluorescent Particles For Aquarium ?äó

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1, glass bottles, any transparent bottles

2, crystal Epoxy, or TB to collect the star bottle Epoxy.

3, luminous powder, luminous sand, phosphor,

The luminous sand particles are large, only blue-green, yellow-green and two colors

The luminous powder is powdery and has more colors

Auxiliary materials:

Beaker (scented dish), stir bar, toilet paper

Production steps:

[First step:] A glue B glue is mixed in a ratio of 2:1, stir evenly, and set aside. The container should be cleaned, use a plastic beaker sent by the merchant or prepare a disposable container by yourself.

[Part 2:] Clean the bottle and pour the mixed drops. Turn the bottle to evenly spread the glue on the bottle wall. Pour out excess glue. Pour the bottle aside and wait for the glue to solidify.

It takes about 4 hours to get the viable viscosity so you can prepare a few more bottles at a time.

[Step 3:] While waiting for the two kinds of fluorescent sand to be mixed, the particles are too large to be crushed. Add a small amount of luminous powder toning.

It should be noted here that the visual color of the fluorescent and is not obvious, but the luminous effect is outstanding, the intuitive color of the phosphor is obvious, but the luminous effect is weak. Moreover, in the next step, if the phosphor has adhered to the inner wall of the bottle, the fluorescent sand is not easily adhered. So adjust according to your needs
Use the amount of fluorescent material

[Step 4:] When the glue on the inner wall of the bottle has only a little viscosity, gently spread the prepared fluorescent material into the bottle and shake the bottle to adjust to the desired distribution. (To grasp the viscosity, you can drop two drops of glue elsewhere in the second step, and experiment the degree of solidification.)

[Step 5:] Complete.


If you want to re-solidify the layer in the bottle after the final step, wait until the first layer solidifies, otherwise, the second layer will wash away your distributed fluorescent material.

In addition, the distribution of the fluorescent sand is recommended to be dense and dense, so that there is a star effect, of course, each has its own love, and there is no fixed production method.


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