Hearing Aid Restore Device

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The Hearing Aid That Will Help You Regain Your Hearing & Restore Your Confidence!

Hearing Aid Restore Device is a unique therapeutic device that?áimproves your hearing ability?áand allows you to communicate with the world around you!?áOur advanced technologyHearing Aid Restore Device amplifies soundwaves while drowning out background noise in your environment, restoring the listening ability for?áanyone with common hearing loss.


  • UNPARALLELED SOUND?áQUALITY:Hearing Aid Restore Device has an aircraft-grade microphone that?áamplifies and shapes soundwaves for peak human hearing.Micro-speakers that?árelay audio details with stunning clarity. And built-in variable amp?áthat regulates sound volume and prevents painful feedback.
  • NO NEED FOR DOCTOR'S VISIT:?áThere?ÇÖs no need for a prescription?Çö Hearing Aid Restore Device is available without any embarrassing consultations or hearing tests.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE SETTINGS:Hearing Aid Restore Device speaker has 4 volume levels to meet your personal needs and aSmart Noise-Reduction?ámode to eliminate distracting background noises.
  • LONG LASTING:?áHearing Aid Restore Device comes with?ágood battery capacity and rechargeable via USB port. Charging 1 time lasts up to 16 hours. It lets you know when your battery is running low with a gentle warning indicator.
  • DISCREET & COMFORTABLE:Hearing Aid Restore Device has a?ámainframe size that is 40mm * 35mm * 8mm. It is?ásmaller than your pinky with a?ávirtually invisible?áhearing tube. Also, the?áearbud comes with 3 different sizes(11mm, 12mm, and 13mm). When it?ÇÖs tucked into place behind your ear, you?ÇÖll even forget it?ÇÖs there.


  1. Choose a suitable earplug according to the size of your ear.
  2. Turn on your hearing aid.
  3. Tune the volume of your hearing aid by adjusting the position of the knob.
  4. Place the hearing aid around your ear. The wire can be rotated by 360??.


    • Material:?áSAP
    • Size:?á40mm*35mm*8mm
    • Battery Capacity:?á30
    • Charging Time:?á4~8 h
    • Working Time:?á11-16 h
    • Mainframe Weight:?á7g
    • Ear Plug :?á3 sizes
    • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 X?áHearing Aid Restore Device

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