Heavy Duty Tactical Shoes

$29.97 $59.99

Prioritize Safety?áUnder Extreme Conditions

Fully protect your feet without the weight of safety boots!

If you work in a physically demanding job, safety should be your utmost priority. To remain safe in this job, you have to take precautions and even wear safety shoes. But this doesn?ÇÖt mean you should compromise your stylish side. With the - Heavy Duty Tactical Shoes, you can combine style and safety in a pair of shoes!

When at work, wearing quality safety footwear protects your feet and prevents injuries. Unreliable shoes can cause you to slip or fall especially when you?ÇÖre treading on slippery floors. They can be old-fashioned and uncomfortable to after long hours of wear too. These shoes prevent all that from ever happening to you while giving you the utmost comfort and eradicating the bulky feel from your regular steel toe shoes!


  • HEAVY-DUTY ?Çô Comes with a built-in steelhead to protect your toes against collision and impact. Won?ÇÖt hurt your feet at all even when hit by heavy objects. Guaranteed to keep you safe even at work!
  • NON-SLIP ?Çô Comes with a non-slip rubber sole which makes it safe to walk on water and even on oil. This heavy-duty sole can?ÇÖt be pierced by any sharp object too, preventing unprecedented accidents.
  • WATER REPELLENT ?Çô Made of 100% waterproof material which makes it an ideal shoe to wear even when raining so you can perform your job even in varied weather conditions.
  • ARCH SUPPORT ?Çô Designed with an added arch support to improve stability and blood circulation, helping you walk stably and comfortably.
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE ?Çô It?ÇÖs made to protect your feet while still being breathable with its outer mesh lining for comfortable wear for an entire day. Also flexible enough to conform to your every movement without feeling bulky.
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL ?Çô No more stinky feet when taking off your shoes! It prevents bacteria build-up to keep your feet fresh even after hours of wear.


  • Material: Polyester + Rubber
  • Available Sizes: EUR 39-44, US 6.5-10
US Size 6.5 7 8 8.5 9.5 ?á10
EU Size 39 40 41 42 43 44


  • 1 Pair x?á Heavy Duty Tactical Shoes

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