Hexagonal Touch Lights

$54.99 $94.99

  • Create a stylish feature focal point to your home or office
  • Change the design and look to suit your or your room's mood
  • Create as much or little light as you want
  • A fun and interactive feature for your room
  • A great backdrop for an office reception or boardroom
  • An amazing feature for a Dining Room or Bedroom
  • Made from 'Touch Sensitive' material
  • Easy for anyone to set up within minutes
  • Low Voltage, low energy usage LED Lighting
  • Safe to use and touch with no heat
  • Change the design in minutes with ease
  • Touch to light up or switch off any individual light?á
  • Long lasting, durable and easy to keep clean
  • Plug Adapter for US, EU, UK or AUS.

Style your home or Office with a unique, fun and stylish touch. Bring in a Modern, Smart and Interactive?áFeature and Look to your Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom or Office and change the feel and look of the room whenever you want!

These amazing, clever modular lights will create a focal point in your room, an 'interactive'?ápiece of wall art and lighting combined.

Fit the main Hexagon centrally to the wall and plug it in to the mains. The remaining pieces attach magnetically to each other and create a magnetic conductive power source from each other. Each panel is touch sensitive and can be switched on or off independently?áor the whole collection as one.?á?á

Change the Hexagonal Panels anytime just by un-clipping the magnets and moving them around. Switch as many on or off as you like at will by touch. Light your room or create subtle mood lighting by touching panels. Change the design at will and keep adding more to the collection to build a larger design.?á

The panels are made from strong, touch sensitive material and the low voltage LED lighting is safe for users to touch or move any part of the panels when lit.?á ?á

Create the look, feel, focal point and wall art of your room with a simple touch!

Power Adapters?áin 3 and 5 panel sets for the US, EU, UK and AUS. 10 Panel sets are expansion sets to add to either the 3 or 5 panel sets.?á


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