Smart Cleaning Robot

$29.97 $54.00

Cleaning the floor is a back breaking task. Whether you use a mop or a rug to remove dust and dirts, you will have to bend your back or use a lot of force to do it. A vacuum cleaner makes it easier but still, you have to hold and guide it to where you want to clean up.
The Smart Cleaning Robot is a whole new smarter way to rid every nook and cranny of dirt and dust. You can sit back and relax or do more important things while it does all the work for you. It is an efficient vacuum robot that can effortlessly clean even without your supervision. It can go under hard to reach areas like under low furnitures like beds and couches. This Smart Cleaning Robot is capable of identifying obstacles on its way and turn direction automatically. Ideal for home and office use. With simple and practical design, with super suction ability but with quiet standard. Efficiently deals with dust, hair and other small debris


  • The cleaner robot runs automatically around home to adsorb the dust and dirt with the microfiber tissue.
  • The microfiber tissue could be removed to clean.
  • Perfect for someone who does't have much time to sweep the house.
  • The robotic cleaner efficiently picks up hair, dust and dirt in all those annoying nooks and crannies and under furnitures.
  • Capable of identify dangerous place such as desk, and turn direction automatically.
  • Ideal for cleaning the floor, corners and crannies.
  • Easy to clean, all you need to do is to clean the microfiber tissue.


  • Materials:??íPlastic, Microfiber
  • Color:??íWhite, Black
  • Size:??í180*300*60mm
  • Package Includes:??í1X??íSmart Cleaning Robot

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