ID Theft Guard Roller Stamp

$12.97 $39.97

According to recent studies, the number of identity theft cases has increased???drastically and continues to rise every day. This costs victims significantly in both time and money. Preventing ID theft can be very hard but it's not impossible to do so if we take all the possible necessary precautions. That's where the ID Theft Guard Roller Stamp comes in.

The ID Theft Guard Roller Stamp is ideal for hiding addresses and personal data from paper mail disposal. This handy theft prevention stamp effectively masks typed and handwritten information. Quickly stamp over the personal information you want to conceal and the advanced roller cartridge will easily let you???mask over long lines of text in a single stroke. The unique designed patent pattern combined with the formulated ink works on most glossy surfaces and will mask out your private information.


  • Helps protect you from identity theft
  • A simple and convenient alternative to a paper shredder
  • Ideal for use on junk mail
  • Specially formulated oil-based ink
  • Removable cover makes it easy to store
  • Thousands of impressions before re-inking is necessary
  • Prints In: Black Ink
  • Prints Width: 15mm
  • Package Includes: 1pc ID Theft Guard Roller Stamp

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