In-Ear Real Time Translator

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Communication is a vital part of everybody's day to day lives.??íThe lack of effective communication could create a lot of problems. And the most effective method of human communication, either written or spoken, is of course language.

Not everyone can speak and understand English, and not all Native English speakers can understand or speak other Languages. At this point in time when global traveling has become highly accessible, learning new languages will make traveling a lot easier. But cramming your head with different languages is not an easy feat.

The??íIn-ear Real-Time Translator is a dependable 16 languages translator??íthat translates in real-time. It is designed like a headset for comfortable wearing and accessibility. It connects through an app on your smartphone via Bluetooth V4.1. It supports 16 languages translation that does not only translate to English but also translates to every 16 languages. The languages it supports are??íEnglish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Thai, German, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, and Portuguese.??íWith this one in your possession, the next time you travel abroad, you??íwon't need to hire an interpreter??íthat could be costly anymore. Instead just wear this genius translator on your ear and cruise around without worrying about being scammed.


  • Perfect for International??íTravel
  • Never get lost again
  • Avoid being scammed
  • Communicate abroad with ease


  • Package includes:??í(1) pc 16 Languages Instant Translator
  • Battery time:??í4-5h
  • Volume Control:??íYes

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