Instant Breast Lifters

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Do You Want To Wear That Really Cute Backless Dress But Hate Exposing Your Bra Strap?

Then???wear these Instant Breast Lifters before you wear that gorgeous dress. Apart from lifting and supporting your breasts, when you go bra-less, these Instant Breast Lifters also function as nipple covers so your nipples won?????t show through thin fabrics.???


  • WEAR THEM WITH ANY OUTFIT- Perfect for formal dresses, strapless and backless tops, swimwear, and basically any outfit. Our adhesive breast lift tape is perfect for any skin color. It?????s also invisible and discreet.
  • 100% MEDICAL-GRADE SILICONE- Our Instant Breast Lifters are made with 100% medical grade silicone, which is completely non-toxic and absolutely safe for your girls. In other words, you can wear them daily without worries.
  • USE THEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN- Our Instant Breast Lifters are REUSABLE so you can use them multiple times and they?????ll always be sturdy and stay in place.
  • SELF-ADHESIVE & RE-USABLE STICK ONS - Perfect Pasties are self-adhesive, guaranteeing a secure fit all day long. They are reusable, with up to 60 uses! Ever wonder how CELEBRITIES wear the most revealing outfits without embarrassing nip slips????These are the answer!

  • LIGHTWEIGHT & Miracle -???Cover-ups are so lightweight you'll forget you have them on!
  • THIN & DISCREET - Our nipple concealers are made to be thin enough to blend seamlessly with the skin, but thick enough to cover your nipples. They will not show through your clothes, either.
  • TRAVEL SIZED - Designed to be small enough to be carried in a handbag, you'll be sure you always have them with you!
  • WEAR YOUR CLOTHES WITHOUT WORRY - With our pasties, you know we have you covered. Our nipple pasties are available at a low promotional price for a limited time only.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Skin color
  • Cup Size: One Size, regular.
  • Diameter: About 6.5cm
  • Package Includes: 1X Pair???Instant Breast Lifters

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