Instant Eyebrow Gel

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If you're???tired of redoing your eyebrows, then Instant Eyebrow Gel???is for you! This tint lasts longer than the average eyebrow mascara. It is waterproof, non-toxic and the main ingredient is from red wine extract which gives off???a nice and aromatic smell???to it.

The most revolutionary product that will give convenience to anyone who wears make-up!???Using???premium???blends???of ingredients???that???provides no harm to the skin.???

Instant Eyebrow Gel will provide perfect shaped brows and will last up to a week,???which is great for those who want to avoid???doing their???eyebrows daily!???It will provide perfect smooth eyebrows???that will stay vibrant through showers, swims, or even sweat.


Waterproof & Smudge-proof???-???Provides perfect smooth eyebrows that won't fade even you go swim or take a bath.



Natural Looking Eyebrows???- It is specially made from premium materials to provide the most natural looks that will blend to our skin.



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