Instant Mr. Fix

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Repairs almost??íanything with its unique reinforcing and filling capabilities.

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Repairs almost??íanything with its unique reinforcing and filling capabilities. It can be quickly fixed with a high bond strength in just 7-15 seconds. Breaks, cracks, holes, gaps can be quickly and easily repaired.

It is designed to bond rubber, steel, aluminum, and most plastic. Black powder for repairing bumpers, grills, radiators, motorcycle fairings, electrical switches, door handles, distributors caps and so much more. Grey powder and clear for cracks on engine casings on heat resistant.

It is a perfect tool for repair car parts, household appliances, furniture, circuit board, breaks, cracks, holes.



  • can be resistant to high and low-temperature
  • quick fix time 7-10 seconds or less
  • bond strength is high, the powder cured after its emphasis on the bonding material
  • convenient to use
  • repairs almost everything from toys, PVC, tools automotive and more


  • Wear gloves??íto protect hands.
  • Clean the surface paint remove dust or oil. Make sure the area is clean and dry. If necessary use sandpaper, sanding the surface to make it rough.
  • Use a razor blade to cut the power nozzle in a 45-degree angle.
  • Use the push pin to pierce the adhesive nozzle.
  • Wear the plastic connecting on an adhesive bottle.
  • apply an appropriate amount of powder (thickness 5mm) covering the repair place. If necessary use the plastic scraper to adjust the powder, shape, and dosage.
  • Apply the adhesive on powder until it is fully absorbed.


      • The combination of adhesive and powder will produce a lot of heat and slight irritant gasses within 10 secs. Pay attention for prevention
      • Avoid eye contact, do not get on skin or clothing.
      • Avoid breathing of vapors. Use only with adequate ventilation.
      • Do not swallow.??í
      • Wash thoroughly after handling. Close container after each use.


      Grey Color:??í
      3*10ml adhesive??í
      3*10ml grey powders
      Black color:
      3*10ml adhesive??í
      3*10ml black powders
      Clear color:
      3*10ml adhesive??í
      3*10ml clear powders
      Mixed Colour???£
      3*10m??í??íl adhesive??í
      1*10ml grey powders
      1*10ml black powders
      1*10ml clear powders





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